Born in Sora, Italy, Alfredo (Fred) De Gasperis decided to chase the Canadian dream on the recommendation of his grandfather, and immigrated to Toronto in 1952 at the age of eighteen. Upon his arrival, Alfredo recognized an array of opportunities in the sewer and watermain industry and was a vital player in the founding and success of Condrain.

Sadly, Alfredo passed in 2013; however, the strength of his legacy is ever apparent. Apart from a wonderful wife in Teresa, 3 beautiful children, and nine gorgeous grandchildren, Alfredo was incredibly active in his company and community. He held numerous directorships within companies like Metrus, was president of Aspen Ridge Homes, Della Shore Investments, and Condrain Limited, sat on several hospital and charity boards, and gave the world a taste and glimpse of true beauty via his hand in Vineland Estates, Eagle’s Nest and Turnberry Golf Courses. All in all, Alfredo was a shining example of the Canadian dream come to life; a true tale of what passion, ambition, love, and family can achieve.