Whilst his older brothers, Alfredo and Angelo, immigrated to Canada in the early 1950’s, the rest of the family made their way to Toronto in the 1960’s. Antonio (Tony) remembers thinking – looking at the snow-covered scenery – “Oh God, have we arrived in Siberia?” However, he quickly settled into the Canadian-Italian way of life. He acclimated to the new work life and as co-founder of Condrain helped to shape and drive the course for growth over the following five plus decades. The 1960’s were marked by hard physical labour and long working days for the family.

Condrain grew from a one-truck operation to the biggest sewer and watermain company in Canada. Tony, together with his brothers Alfredo and Angelo started Con Cast Pipe, which today is overseen primarily by Tony, and remains a pivotal contributor in the overall success of the Condrain Group of companies. He, along with his brothers, spearheaded the development of the Erin Mills community, which continues to grow today as well as other communities such as Brampton and Springdale.

Tony’s acumen for logistics helped him to take on the management and procurement for all the Condrain equipment, adding the service operation, to ensure that their equipment was always in tip top condition and always available for the work at hand.

Tony currently holds the title of Co-Founder and Secretary Treasurer of Condrain Group.

In 1963 Tony married Helga Loacker and today have three children – Robert, Andrew and Christene, whom all work in the family business. Working days are still long. However, Tony gets great satisfaction out of a job well done and retirement is not on his mind.

When not working he is passionate about golf and enjoys the mental stimulation in building detailed model ships. He has a personal goal to build one for each grandchild – that’s a tall order.