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Romeo De Gasperis – Vice President and CEO

From age twelve, Romeo was gaining experience with Condrain. Beginning with a project in the Town of Markham, he began mixing concrete and helping lay 120” pipe through easements. From this first job, Romeo began to work on-site every summer until 1989 when he completed a civil engineering program at Seneca College and brought his expertise to Condrain’s offices. As a vital player in Condrain’s implementation of new technologies, Romeo has worked diligently to bring the company to the forefront of modern practices and standards, and keep it there. The founding De Gasperis brothers influenced Romeo early. Working amongst them was sometimes trying because they had such vision, but from circumstances like these comes vast and useful knowledge. Romeo is a direct result of what experience can create. He is working to continue the family legacy of excellence, keep Condrain at the top of the industry both technologically and structurally, as well as take it to even farther levels of growth. He is currently vice president of Condrain Group, Vice President of CountryWide Homes and Condor Properties, and has served as President and CEO of Futureway Communications (FCI Broadband) from 2002-2003 and Director for FCI until 2007.

Romeo currently sits on Delavaco Residential Properties Board of Directors. Delavaco (DVO.U) is a publicly traded company,listed on the TSX and Nasdaq, but his Board of Directors duties do not end there; he served as director for Cool Brands International(the parent company of YogenFruz) from 1996-2007. He is also chairman and Director of while also serving as a director for DG Group. More recently his involvement in Aquatech Dewatering as Vice President came from a growing demand for enhanced environmental awareness in our community. Romeo was also gala chair and honouree for Lymphoma Foundation Canada fundraising dinner in June 2012, which helped to raise $2.5 million dollars for research and awareness of the disease.

Jim V De Gasperis – President and CEO

From the age of nine, Jim has been a fixture at Condrain. Spending Saturdays with his father Fred at jobsites created a strong bond, not just between father and son, but with the company as well. From his youth, Jim knew he wanted to be an integral part of the family business. He learned about sewers, gravel, trenches, big machinery and more, so that by 18 he could officially begin work on a jobsite – Stelco Nanticoke Generating station to be exact. From his years of experience following his early days with the company, Jim led Condrain into new territory by heading affiliate companies like Con-Strada, Strada Aggregates, and Strada Crush, turning the now amalgamated companies into one of Canada’s largest road building groups. An integral part of Condrain’s forward motion, Jim is focused on retaining a highly skilled and motivated staff, continuing the legacy of his father and uncles, continuing Condrain’s dedication to quality, and setting the bar for all of its many industries.


Born in Sora, Italy, Alfredo (Fred) De Gasperis decided to chase the Canadian dream on the recommendation of his grandfather, and immigrated to Toronto in 1952 at the age of eighteen. Upon his arrival, Alfredo recognized an array of opportunities in the sewer and watermain industry and was a vital player in the founding and success of Condrain.

Sadly, Alfredo passed in 2013; however, the strength of his legacy is ever apparent. Apart from a wonderful wife in Teresa, 3 beautiful children, and nine gorgeous grandchildren, Alfredo was incredibly active in his company and community. He held numerous directorships within companies like Metrus, was president of Aspen Ridge Homes, Della Shore Investments, and Condrain Limited, sat on several hospital and charity boards, and gave the world a taste and glimpse of true beauty via his hand in Vineland Estates, Eagle’s Nest and Turnberry Golf Courses. All in all, Alfredo was a shining example of the Canadian dream come to life; a true tale of what passion, ambition, love, and family can achieve.


Angelo came to Toronto in 1954, to join his brother Alfredo in opening Condrain construction. From a young age, Angelo had a passion for aesthetics, building, quality and the way the three came together. Not unlike many Italian immigrants of his generation, Angelo had a skillset that allowed him to bring his passion for structure to fruition. Along with a drive to succeed, Angelo was able to make his passion a profession. Following the triumphs of Condrain, Angelo decided to invest some of his passion into home & commercial development, which, for him is the epitome of his trade. He started CountryWide Homes and Condor Properties in 2005, and they now offer some of the finest homes and commercial properties in the GTA and beyond. Angelo is a testament to the Canadian dream.


Whilst his older brothers, Alfredo and Angelo, immigrated to Canada in the early 1950’s, the rest of the family made their way to Toronto in the 1960’s. Antonio (Tony) remembers thinking – looking at the snow-covered scenery – “Oh God, have we arrived in Siberia?” However, he quickly settled into the Canadian-Italian way of life. He acclimated to the new work life and as co-founder of Condrain helped to shape and drive the course for growth over the following five plus decades. The 1960’s were marked by hard physical labour and long working days for the family.

Condrain grew from a one-truck operation to the biggest sewer and watermain company in Canada. Tony, together with his brothers Alfredo and Angelo started Con Cast Pipe, which today is overseen primarily by Tony, and remains a pivotal contributor in the overall success of the Condrain Group of companies. He, along with his brothers, spearheaded the development of the Erin Mills community, which continues to grow today as well as other communities such as Brampton and Springdale.

Tony’s acumen for logistics helped him to take on the management and procurement for all the Condrain equipment, adding the service operation, to ensure that their equipment was always in tip top condition and always available for the work at hand.

Tony currently holds the title of Co-Founder and Secretary Treasurer of Condrain Group.

In 1963 Tony married Helga Loacker and today have three children – Robert, Andrew and Christene, whom all work in the family business. Working days are still long. However, Tony gets great satisfaction out of a job well done and retirement is not on his mind.

When not working he is passionate about golf and enjoys the mental stimulation in building detailed model ships. He has a personal goal to build one for each grandchild – that’s a tall order.