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The cornerstone of the CONDRAIN GROUP of companies, Condrain was established in 1954 and focuses all of its efforts on earthworks, building high quality sewers, tunnels, and watermains (both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and concrete pressure pipe (CPP) to service both public and private sectors. The recently absorbed road division once known as Con-Strada enhances the company’s fully integrated product offering building roads, parking structures, and highways. Condrain has a proven track record of excellence, and has built an unmatched level of trust with our clients. From large municipalities, to commercial bodies, to small developers, Condrain has facilitated an incredibly large number of construction projects Ontario-wide.



Con Cast Pipe

Con Cast Pipe is an industry leader in the manufacture of precast concrete drainage products, bridge components, and specialty precast concrete products. Our product ranges from concrete pipe, HDPE lined concrete pipe, manholes, catchbasins, standard and non-standard size box units and chambers, specialty precast items, stormwater management products for treatment and containment, bridge components including precast bridge abutments and prestressed deck panels, and the small bridge replacement product line of ConSpan Canada.

Con Cast Pipe is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard, certified by the OCPA administered Plant Prequalification Program and the CPCI administered quality programs. It is this dedication to quality that has served Con Cast Pipe well in supplying precast solutions to thousands of infrastructure projects across Ontario. Con Cast Pipe has two state of the art manufacturing facilities strategically located in Guelph and Oakville, Ontario that service the Ontario market with quality precast concrete products. The technical support provided by Con Cast Pipe to its customers starts well before the first product is delivered to the job site. With an experienced Sales and Engineering team, the pre-project planning is as fundamental to their success as the post-installation support provided by their on-site technical services team to ensure that Con Cast Pipe’s goal of complete customer satisfaction is realized on every project.

With over 25 years of precast concrete manufacturing experience, Con Cast Pipe has supplied some of Ontario’s largest private and public partnership infrastructure projects including the recently completed Herb Gray Parkway in Windsor and the Hwy 407 expansion projects. Con Cast Pipe is a true solution provider to the infrastructure industry by constantly investing in their manufacturing facilities and people to ensure they are the leaders in their industry.


Crowle Fittings and Supply

After humble beginnings in the mid 1950’s Crowle has blossomed into a major distributor of sewer and watermain material in the GTA and surrounding area. From pipe to fittings to hydrants and specialty valves Crowle can supply most of the underground requirements of both private and municipal projects. Since being acquired in 1986 from the Crowle family, originally a cast iron fitting manufacturer and Asbestos Pipe distributor, the company has expanded its’ inventory to approximately 3000 different products to satisfy the demands of our customers.

The people that make up Crowle’s staff are amongst the top in their fields. The years of experience and length of service make Crowle’s employees prepared to handle most difficult situations that may occur. Working closely with industry professionals Crowle has been able to utilize our employees talents to develop and distribute a extensive list of products specifically designed to meet our industry’s requirements.




Since 1978, CONELCO has laid foundations for utility. And since then, it has been regarded as one of the safest and most reliable underground utility contractors. That’s why CONELCO stands as a leader among Ontario’s biggest names in infrastructure.
At CONELCO we have diverse experience in upgrading and installing new distribution systems for utilities including hydro, cable, and telephone. Most impressively, we have the power of ensuring service to a multitude of residences and corporations.
Located in Concord, Ontario, we have approximately 200 technical and support staff. They are all here to service your project and to help you with the utmost professionalism and expertise.


Fellmore Electric

FELLMORE joined the CONELCO Group in 1991. Before that, it was a leader in roadway lighting. Today, it has added parking lot lighting, traffic signals, temporary power solutions, lighting maintenance and substation installation to its portfolio of services.
With three decades of experience, FELLMORE is contracted by major developers, municipalities, and utility companies. And in each project, its technology, expertise and experience shine with an attention to detail and innovation. And whether FELLMORE works on a private or public contract, each job is guided by professionalism and customer satisfaction.



The world is constantly evolving technologically. Data travels from one corner of the world to your home or business in nanoseconds through fiber optic cables. FIBERCON is at the heart of this information transfer with its dedicated team of technical experts.
FIBERCON lays fiber optics using the most efficient, cost-effective methods
And sources from the world’s leading fiber optic manufacturers. Its services also include splicing, testing, providing cable racking systems and maintenance. Whatever your network needs, FIBERCON will accomplish with its own network – the CONELCO Group.



Strada Aggregates

Since 1992 Strada Aggregates has been recycling demolition by-product from roadwork sites and street improvement, recycling it for future building/construction. Strada Aggregates recognized very early that recycling concrete material provides a benefit from both an environmental and economic perspective. The use of recycled aggregate preserves our natural resources, reduces the need for new quarries and gravel pits, reduces energy use and greenhouse gasses associated with increased truck hauling, and can in most cases be supplied locally and less expensive than virgin aggregate materials. With 10 strategically placed yards throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and a dedication to reclaiming the past, Strada Aggregates offers our customer base competitive priced Recycled Aggregate products as well as a wide range of Limestone, Gravel & Sand products.


Strada Crush

By diverting millions of tons of potential material from landfills, Strada Crush has implemented a responsible and efficacious practice that sets an example to the entire construction industry and private/public sectors. Instead of adding to the growing landfill problems, Strada Crush takes concrete and asphalt materials and recycles them, most of which, when finished, are decidedly useful in roadwork and building construction. Strada Crush goes to great lengths to guarantee quality control in order to ensure that all recycled materials are above recognized standards.


Aquatech Dewatering Company

Since 2006 specializing in dewatering and groundwater control services for construction, tunnelling and mining projects. Services include; obtaining dewatering permits (PTTW), aquifer pump testing and analysis, aquifer depressurization, temporary lowering of groundwater levels, ground improvement, seepage control, environmental remediation and monitoring.
Technologies employed include dewatering or groundwater control using; deep well, vacuum wellpoint and vacuum eductor systems, as well as trenching and groundwater cutoff methods (bentonite slurry wall). Aquatech also specializes in the supply and installation of; water supply and monitoring wells, pump and treat systems (dual-phase extraction), discharge filtration and discharge treatment systems (with Mobile ECA) etc.
Aquatech is a licensed Water Well Contractor under the Ministry of the Environment (MOECC) to perform services related to drilling of wells and pumping of groundwater for dewatering, aquifer tests, monitoring, well abandonment and water supply. Aquatech has on staff licensed (MOECC) Water Well Technicians, as well as Water and Wastewater Operators. Drilling equipment includes track mounted CFA and Wash Rotary rigs and truck mounted Reverse Circulation rigs (Foremost DR24).


Aquatech Pump and Power

Aquatech Pump and Power, Inc is a full service rental and sales, and emergency response organization of specialized pumping and discharge filtration equipment for a variety of applications in; environmental, construction, mining, industrial and municipal sectors of industry. With a significant inventory of pumps and all associated equipment including materials and fittings for sale, as well as one the largest rental fleets of portable pumping and discharge filtration equipment in the country. Aquatech prides itself in an unmatched ability to respond to any planned or emergency pumping requirements, coupled with all required environmental services (permits and monitoring) for new construction, maintenance or failed infrastructure as well as flood situations.
Aquatech provides technical, engineering support and boots on the ground for any temporary fluid transfer/pumping systems used for dewatering, surface water and groundwater control, creek bypass, sewage/wastewater bypass, industrial fluid transfer, pond and lagoon dredging, sludge and slurry pumping, industrial chemicals, fire pumps, discharge filtration etc.