The right thing to do

As Canada’s largest and leading site servicing contractor, Condrain believes we have a responsibility to promote and enhance the fundamental principles of sustainability through our day to day operations and company principles. Condrain builds infrastructure that supports our communities in ways that are sensitive to the environment so that our work lasts for generations.

Our clients and their stakeholders have come to rely on Condrain doing their part to construct environmentally sustainable designs that our engineering partners have created. The Block 12 Clean Water Collector System in the City of Vaughan is such an example for which Condrain was recognized. The Vaughan project also exemplifies the shared pride in the sustainability achievements of our clients through the projects we perform.

Condrain’s commitment to sustainable development is reflected through the various ways we utilize eco-efficiency into our construction projects. From Tier 4 Final Engines and low sulphur diesel to engine/hydraulic oil recycling, we are building our reputation as an environmentally responsible organization.