Herridge Feedermain

Project Details

CLIENT:City of Mississauga
PROJECT COST:$26.6 Million
CONSTRUCTION PERIOD:COMMENCED: February 2009 – Completed: May 2011
REFERENCES:City of Mississauga
CONTACT:Simon Hopton
TELEPHONE:(905) 791-7800 Ext. 4404


The Herridge Feedermain 2100mm CPP, Contract #3 for the Region of Peel was awarded to Condrain in January of 2009.

This project consisted of the installation of 1685 meters of 2100mm CPP pipe. Included in the main scope of work was 1265 meters of open cut, 420 meters of tunnelling operation, and three cast–in-place chambers.

The 1280 meters of open cut CPP installation had an average depth of 5-6 meters. The ground conditions consisted of a weathered shale, limestone, and bedrock structure.

The project was very time sensitive as we faced restriction within the property of the Iona Catholic High School; 480 meters of pipe would have to be installed during summer break as not to interrupt schooling. We also had to cross South Sheridan Way (West) to connect the contract #2 CPP to the contract #3 CPP. This was accomplished through lane reductions and the transferring of traffic. Overhead hydro lines and buried utilities also posed a challenge due to the depth of the excavation, and the weight of the pipe (+/- 26 tonnes). Our crane had to be positioned within inches of the power lines. This required coordination with Enersource Hydro and Peel Water.

The main chambers at Herridge were all cast-in-place, and required substantial preparation prior to forming. All chambers required shafts to be constructed, and shoring systems in place so that work within the shafts could be conducted safely.

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Photo of the construction team at Herridge Feedermain

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