Queensville Residential Subdivisions
Queensville Residential Subdivisions

Project Details

CLIENT:Queensville Properties Inc.
PROJECT COST:$20 Million
CONSTRUCTION PERIOD:Commenced: 2013 – Anticipated Completion Date: 2016
CONTACT:Peter Murphy
TELEPHONE:(905) 669-5571


The Queensville subdivision is a project north of Newmarket that features deep sewers, extensive lengths of box culverts, and vast environmental challenges. Located near Lake Simcoe and the Holland River it was crucial to keep environmental protection as a top priority.

This project featured 2.4×1.2m box culverts spanning 500 meters in length, with an additional 150 meters of 1.8×1.2m box culverts. The purpose of the large box culverts was to carry large quantities of surface runoff and grey water into a storm water management pond.

The project delivered sanitary, storm, and watermain services to 556 lots, all serviced within six and a half months of construction activity. The excavations reached depths of 8 meters, and faced environmentally sensitive situations for thousands of meters of watermain and sewer installations.

Due to the sheer size of the land, runoff during rain events carried large quantities of silt to low lying areas of the site, which were retained and filtered through our siltation control devices. These devices were meticulously maintained during construction. Our commitment to the environment led to prompt repair and improvements to the low lying areas.

Condrain had to ultimately connect into a pumping station that was located over 200 meters through a forest. With only 10 meters width to work in and excavation depths up to 10 meters, this posed a challenge that Condrain was able to successfully overcome. Furthermore, Condrain crews had to divert a creek with a temporary bypass while installing sewer pipe in saturated ground conditions.

All work was performed to the satisfaction of the owner.

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Photo of construction at Queensville

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