Hero Hero

We are condrain.

From earthworks, sewers and watermains, to environmental, and road building, we connect people to places.


People to Places.

For three generations, Condrain has furthered the principles of hard work, integrity and equality.

We have both an economic and environmental responsibility to adapt and lead. Continuing to support the communities in which we build with over 500 employees and the industry’s largest fleet of equipment, Condrain’s solutions encompass the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.

Vision and Core Values

Beneath the Surface.

We extend to people the same care, understanding and respect we show the environment.

Business is led with an unwavering commitment to transparency. This allows us to be ethically sound, dutiful and adaptable, to the needs of our environment and our communities.


We take pride in the community we have built for ourselves, with colleagues who know they truly make a difference.


We are dedicated to the health of our employees and communities, prioritizing individual safety and well-being in every aspect of our processes.


A host of innovative technologies and best practices enable us to preserve our shared, natural heritage and leave the smallest carbon footprint behind.


Our long-standing relationships are a source of pride. Grounded in mutual interest and support, we measure success by our clients’ satisfaction.


Condrain is considered Ontario’s premier residential site-servicing contractor, currently servicing the majority of infrastructure each year.

Social Responsibility

Stronger Together.

It was community that welcomed and allowed us to flourish, which is why we now use our resources to give back to the communities we serve, so that they can thrive.

Health and Safety

The safe way
the only way.

We are proud to announce that we are ISO 45001 Certified and recognized by Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer under the Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers (SOSE) Program.