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We execute projects to the highest quality, in the most efficient manner, and with uncompromising safety.


Full Service
Comes Full Circle.

The combination of our equipment, specialists, and execution has earned us a reputation:

Condrain owns North America’s most technologically-advanced equipment. Our solutions are flexible, our resources deep, and our people fully engaged.

Core Infrastructure Delivery

Core Infrastructure Delivery.

Earthworks & Roads

Condrain moves over 5 million cubic metres of soil on an annual basis, with a fleet capable of servicing over 20 projects simultaneously, at any given time.

Sewer and Watermains

Over 30 underground crews, a fleet of 350+ pieces of state-of-the-art equipment, capabilities 30 feet deep: there’s a reason no one in North America has installed more sewers and watermains over the past 60 years.

Pumping Stations

We are a one-stop solution for water and wastewater construction, providing services from source to tap and back. Above ground, our services cover all project aspects; below, our construction includes all subsurface requirements. The experience is full circle, full service.

Tunnels & Trenchless Tech.

The most feasible solution in the safest hands. Condrain uses its place at the cutting edge of innovation to reduce the environment and societal impacts of infrastructure delivery.

Stormwater Management

Adapting to service the needs of Ontario, Condrain has installed over 1,500 stormwater management ponds as well as the latest in underground detention and treatment facilities.

Bridges & Conspans

We build the equivalent of 200 km of roadways each year, which include pavement over bridges, conspans and any other associated self-performed road infrastructure.

Condrain’s full vertical integration empowers clients in a variety of sectors.

Client Sectors

For Client and Community.

Even after completing over 7,000 core infrastructure projects to date, we still approach each new contract with the same tenacity and determination as we did 70 years ago. Time and again, we prove the difference for our clients and community.

Design Builds

One Source for Every Solution.

Ensuring our clients are familiar with environmental regulations and opening a dialogue to coordinate efforts with provincial and regulatory agencies.